Video Surveillance is growing in popularity. People are becoming more interested in seeing  who is at the front door, monitoring Workers  at the  office . Many even keep an eye on recreational property or even enjoy the view when they are not there. There are many valuable things in your life that are worth protecting. A surveillance system is a small investment to make for peace of mind. Check with your insurance provider. You may see a discount on your insurance premiums after you install a surveillance system around your home.

TZ Technologies ltd  security team is quickly rising to become an industry leader in designing, implementing and servicing  video solutions.  We have the expertise to design and install dedicated physical security networks, both wired and wireless technologies, thus making installations quick and cost-effective designs, installs and services the most reliable and comprehensive electronic security solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and government customers throughout Alberta.

From entry-level systems to complex integrated solutions, TZ Technologies ltd. has the expertise and technology to help manage the safety and security of your facilities

Our physical security solutions provide physical/logical convergence and seamless integration to enterprise applications.

Enterprise Card Access: authentication to enable access to computers, networks, and facilities.
Proximity & Smartcard Credential Management

Closed Circuit Television Systems
Night vision, Thermal Optics & LPC-License plate Capture

Intrusion Alarm Systems: Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs.

Addressable systems using all major brands
Perimeter Protection
Fence shaker, fiber fence/buried, photo beams, outdoor dual technology motion detectors.

Intercom: electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue, direction, collaboration or announcements